DW-800M Wireless Headset

DW-800M Wireless Headset
Brand: Freemate
Product Code: DW-800M
Price: US$227.50
Ex Tax: US$227.50



• Module slot-in for Bluetooth or USB selection 

   1) USB module - Softphone & Deskphone 

   2) Bluetooth module – Mobilephone​ & BT Deskphone


• Freely changeable headband from Monaural to Binaural


​•​ No time limit of using headset 

   : charging the battery while using headset via typical cable of mobile phone


• Microphone Boom Arm 

   : flexibly bending to be near on mouth for proper transmission of Mic sound


• Patented design


• Others

  Max 100meter (300feet) coverage

  Intuitive volume controller and mute button on headset

  Incoming call notice 

  EHS support (order EHS adapter separately)

  Compatible with MS-Lync and most of softphones with USB cartridge

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