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Grandstream Launches
                                          Large-Capacity Enterprise IP
                                          PBX UCM6510 is a License-Free
                                          IP PBX with E1/T1/J1
                                          Interface, Enhanced
                                          Reliability and Performance
                                          for up to 2000 Users
Grandstream is excited to
                                          announce the addition of a new
                                          IP PBX to their UCM-series –
                                          the UCM6510. This
                                          high-capacity IP PBX is
                                          designed for enterprises,
                                          campuses, call centers, SMBs,
                                          and hospitality environments
                                          as it supports up to 2000
                                          users and 200 concurrent
                                          calls. This new IP PBX from
                                          Grandstream offer E1, T1 and
                                          J1 network compatibility and
                                          is extremely easy to setup and
                                          manage thanks to Grandstream’s
                                          Zero Configuration
                                          provisioning. The UCM6510
                                          includes a full suite of
                                          enterprise-level features
                                          including Powerful 1GHz
                                          quad-core Cortex A9 processor
                                          32GB of Flash memory (1GB DDR3
                                          RAM) 8 conference bridges with
                                          support for 64 simultaneous
                                          attendees Built-in NAT router
                                          Unlimited SIP trunk support
                                          Redundant Power Supply
                                          Heartbeat port to offer a
                                          backup service connection
                                          incase connection fails Call
                                          Recording 2 FXO ports and 2
                                          FXS ports that can serve as
                                          lifeline/Fax accessory points
                                          Fully customizable voice and
                                          video features Multi-level
                                          IVRs and Auto-Attendantds The
                                          UCM6510, powered on the
                                          popular open source
                                          Asterisk-based software
                                          platform, is the second member
                                          of Grandstream’s UCM series of
                                          IP PBX appliances. In 2013,
                                          Grandstream introduced the
                                          UCM6100 series of IP PBX
                                          Appliances for SMBs supporting
                                          up to 500 users and 60
                                          concurrent calls. The new
                                          UCM6510 offers the same
                                          communications features,
                                          capabilities, and smart
                                          endpoint management as the
                                          highly successful UCM6100
                                          series, with the enhancement
                                          for E1/T1/J1 networks and much
                                          beefed up performance to
                                          support enterprise-level high
                                          calling volume. To read the
                                          press release, click here To
                                          view the UCM6510 product page,
                                          click here To view the product
                                          video, click here Product
                                          Introduction Webinars Join us
                                          on Thursday, October 30 to
                                          learn more about the UCM6510
                                          through one of two
                                          introduction webinars 9:30am
                                          EST – Click here to sign up
                                          3:30pm EST – click here to
                                          sign up

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Switchvox 5.5


Great News - Switchvox 5.5 Is Now Available

The primary new features incorporated in this release are features to support the functionality of the Digium phones.  However, there are other new capabilities incorporated in this release as well. 
The new features include:

The new features include:

  • Status and Status-based Call Rules – Create new status indications, detect and update Status information on your Switchboard, Digium Phones, and Switchvox User Interface.  Call Rules can now take affect automatically when you change your status in any of these places.
  • Contacts – Define a set of contacts for your internal directory (for Switchboard) and the Digium Phones
  • Digium Phones – Easy Assignments and Auto-Configuration
  • Digium Phone ManagementIt's easy to manage your Digium Phone settings, including your contacts, call queues, voicemail, status, and rapid dial keys and more.

To find out more about these and other new features in Switchvox version 5.5,  visit Updating to Switchvox version 5.5.

More information will be provided to you regarding the general availability of the Digium Phones.  Pre-orders are being accepted currently through Digium’s North American Distributors.

Don’t lose on price – learn more about how
Digium can help

As you know, today’s IP PBX market is very competitive. A wise sales manager once told me that we never lose on price, we lose because we fail to create value. That being said, we all hate to lose on price, especially if we don’t get the opportunity to sharpen our pencil.

Digium wants the opportunity to support you in price-competitive deals. Before you “lose on price”, please contact your channel manager to see if we can help!

Here are some criteria that Digium considers when offering special pricing.

  • Is there documented evidence of competitive pricing? A copy of a competitive quote is great. A customer’s report that we are X% high is good. Bring as much data as the customer is willing to share.
  • Who is the competition? Are we comparing relatively equal alternatives?
  • Are you prepared to discount? Shared reward will require some shared pain. Speaking of pain…what is the prospect’s pain and how does Digium address it? How does the competition address it? How can we position our value in tandem with a discount?
  • When will the customer purchase the solution? This month? This quarter?

Also, consider that with Digium phones on the horizon, we are able to leverage more Digium content than ever before, to support competitive pricing.

While we won’t always be able to provide additional price support, we would always like the opportunity. More often than not, we are able to help. Please contact your channel manager for further assistance.

Coming Soon - Digium Pinnacle Partner Award Winners

Digium is proud to introduce a new annual award to recognize its outstanding partners in each region. This inaugural list includes some of our best performing partners in the Business Communications category, as well as our Custom Communications category. Watch for a special edition of Digium Channel News that will announce the winners.

Resources to Help You Explain the Benefits of Switchvox

We've launched a new Switchvox Resources page on! It's a convenient place to find all of the videos, whitepapers, and guides.

Just the Facts on Fax

If you decide to use Switchvox as your fax server so that you can send and receive faxes from your desktop, this article will cover the steps needed to configure Switchvox.

How Can Allison, the Voice of Asterisk, Help You?


Having a strong menu of IVR prompts on your PBX creates a personality for your brand. As “the Voice of Asterisk,” Allison has helped thousands of companies establish a firm and cohesive identity, which reflects who they are and what they represent. For more information on the services, voice prompts and voice talent her business offers, check out the details here.

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  • Switchvox 5.5 Now Available
  • Don't Lose on Price
  • Coming Soon - 2012 Pinnacle Partner Awards
  • Switchvox Resources
  • Facts on Fax
  • Help Spreading the Word
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