Brand: Cisco
Product Code: SPA501G
Price: SG$176.76
Ex Tax: SG$165.20

You need multiple phone lines but you don’t need it to be complicated. With the 8-line SPA501G you’ll be enjoying all the benefits of a sophisticated business class IP phone with refreshingly straightforward features including a paper insert to simply label speed dials, shared lines, or extensions.

The Cisco SPA501G stands for simplified communications serving your employees reliable and unfettered access to their voice and data communications leaving them more time to focus on what’s important and less time decoding a complicated phone system.

With voice and data integrated together on the phone, employees can quickly access company directories no matter where they’re working. The SPA501G offers a host of other intuitive features that are easy to use for busy executives to experienced phone staffers down to the hustle and bustle of the manufacturing floor.

Confidence and assurance are the hallmarks of the Cisco SPA500 line owing their value and ease of use to extensive interoperability with VoIP service providers, simplified installation, and an aesthetic that blends into any work space.


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